Below you find business- and career opportunities in Jinan in the modern services sector. When you want to know more about the company, which is looking for cooperation or talent, contact us and we will come back to you soon. 

Shandong Super Link Smart Science & Technology

The main business of the company is system integration, computer room operation and maintenance, industrial cloud, large data set group deployment, research and development, geographic information collection, long-distance transmission and other services.

Cooperation with OBSIDIAN to realize 10G and 40G distance IB network interconnection. Currently there are 100G and 200G interconnectec equipment being developed right now in cooperation.


Hekang Yuan

It is a large enterprise group with animal husbandry industry as the leading business, mainly engaged in breeding livestock and poultry breeding, feed production, breeding services and other businesses. At present, the group has 24 branches, with a total of 2000 employees. The total income of the group is 1 billion 80 million yuan in 2015, and it has gained many honorary qualifications, such as the key leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization in Shandong, the leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization in Jinan, and the national high-tech enterprises.

Company is looking for investments, needs investments to broaden the business.