Developing the life science industry is one of the top-priorities of the municipality of Jinan. Jinan Life Science city has a total planning area of 54 square kilometers and more than 1.700 companies. The value of biomedical industry in Jinan has reached 40 billion RMB in 2017. The target is to build a domestically top level and world famous life science city and industrial cluster with a producing value of hundred billion RMB.

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Life Science City: ranking in top-5 of Chinese life science parks

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What is the focus of the industry you can find here?

Bio-pharma: new medicine development, traditional Chinese medicine, generic medicine and health products

High-end medical equipment: develop medical equipment, advanced testing equipment and medical supplies

Particle Therapy: develop particle therapy industry chain, key technology research and development and proton treatment construction and -support

Healthcare: health services and elderly care

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7 industrial clusters


  • Inspection and testing cluster

  • Stem cell cluster

  • Anti tumor cluster

  • Health care cluster

  • Animal and plant technology cluster

  • Cluster of new drug research and development

  • Medicine logistics cluster

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7 Cutting edge technologies

  • Particle therapy

  • Monoclonal antibody

  • Original drug discovery technology

  • Hyaluronic acid production technology

  • Human refrigeration technology

  • Detection of gene therapy technology

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Opportunities for European companies in Jinan Life Science park

By connecting with local business partners in Jinan you can get access to investors for clinical research, access to the Chinese healthcare market with large patient populations, access to scientific talents from the best universities and you can expand your own Intellectual Property to the Chinese market.

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