Welcome to Jinan Innovation Zone

Here you can find many opportunities for:

  • International cooperation with local Chinese companies or research institutes

  • Setting up a foreign company (WFOE) with support from local government

  • Working in China as a foreign expert

Jinan, where traditional and future China meet

Jinan is the capital city of Chinas third largest province, Shandong, and has more than 7 million inhabitants, where Shandong has 95 mln inhabitants. Next to being an important cultural city – birthplace of Confucius, the founder of Chinese culture - Jinan also has one of the fastest developing economic zones in China, Jinan Innovation Zone. Already since 1991 Jinan is appointed by national government as the location for high tech and innovation. In Jinan you already can see the contours of Made in China 2025, by when Chinese industry should be transformed into a world market leader in high-tech and information technology.

High tech and innovation in 4 different focus sectors

Jinan Innovation Zone covers an area of more than 320km2 with more than 30.000 companies. It is divided in specific industry sectors, which are connected with 16 universities, colleges and many research institutes. The technological knowledge there is with more than 700.000 students among the highest concentrated in one city in China. The key industry sectors in Jinan are:

  • Life Sciences & Healthcare: biomedical, bio-pharma, healthtech and elderly care

  • Electronic information: ICT, software development, AI, big data analytics

  • Intelligent equipment: transportation, intelligent manufacturing and industrial robotics

  • Modern Services: regional financial center with investment services, insurance, banking and consultancy

For an impression of Jinan Innovation Zone, please click on the short video below