Below you find business- and career opportunities in Jinan in other industry sectors. When you want to know more about the company, which is looking for cooperation or talent, contact us and we will come back to you soon. 

Shandong Guangdi Educational Equipments Co., Ltd

The company specializes in the production of teaching instruments, educational equipment and teaching software products, leading products are all kinds of colleges and vocational schools to provide a series of experimental and training equipment. The products are widely used in material performance testing, mechanical and electrical integration, industrial automation, numerical control application technology, electrical engineering, electronic information, intelligent building, refrigeration technology, household electrical appliances, automobile application and maintenance, logistics technology and other specialized teaching, engineering practice and testing teaching.

Commonly expand on the Chinese Market.


Shandong Gua Er Culture Media Ltd

Hi tech company, APP in the back of the picture. The original "back word software and back word method" have been supported by 500 thousand Chinese fans. There is a good interactive relationship with other Internet platforms in China: Shanghai English, Kingsoft and Youdao Dictionary all used the method and get approval from the central publishing house.

Import of Copyrights, local English teachers (for oral English training), investment of 5 Million RMB is needed to push the APP further


China Post Shandong Office

The company, approved by the State Council, was established in December 1985 by China Post Group, the state post express delivery company, which has the longest history, the largest scale, the broadest coverage of the network and the richest variety of express logistics service providers.

Taking advantage of the advantages of bonded leasing in the comprehensive insurance zone, the cooperation between Jinan Medical Institution and Hannover Medical University was promoted to further build an international medical center.


Hangjia Group

China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Limited is a supplier of the whole aircraft industry chain solution for the global aviation industry. Aviation Jia group is its member company. The business category of the group includes both aircraft leasing, post purchase renting, structure financing and other conventional services. It also covers value-added services such as fleet planning, fleet retreating, aircraft dismantling and air material sales.

After the direct flight between Jinan and Hannover opened, will have aviation material trade, leasing and aircraft maintenance cooperation.


Shandong Airport Group

The main function of the company is to undertake air transportation service guarantee. The main business scope includes: airport construction, transformation, airport operation management, passenger and freight transport agent, ticket selling and passenger service, air passenger and freight transport charter, air express, aviation auxiliary service, storage service, air and air food production and sale, catering service. Office supplies, building materials, department stores, daily necessities sales, real estate development and other aviation related extension services.

Reliying on the Jinan - Hannover direct flight, expansion of business.


Jinan Bonded Free Trade Zone

The Jinan comprehensive bonded zone was approved by the State Council on 15 May 2012, the total planning of the Seine area was 5.22 square kilometers, the transformation and upgrading of the original Jinan export processing zone, and the joint acceptance of the ten ministries and commissions by the national ten ministries in December 25, 2013. The Jinan comprehensive bonded zone has the five functions of "bonded processing, bonded logistics, goods trade, service trade and port customs clearance". It is a special area with the highest level of opening to the outside world, the most favorable policy, the most complete function, the most flexible operation and the most convenient customs clearance, after the free trade area.

Drawing on the successful ban of Hannover industrial exhibition, using the function of bonded extension of the comprehensive protection zone, we will create an international industrial exhibition featuring Jinan.

Taking advantage of the functional advantages of cross-border e-commerce in the comprehensive protection zone and Hannover Avenue Industrial Park as the carrier, the "front store and back warehouse" model is adopted to promote the development of cross-border e-commerce in China and Germany.

Direct flight between Jinan and Hannover.


Smart Equipment City

Based on the industrial base and development needs, around the theme of intelligent manufacturing, the four major industries, such as transportation equipment, information technology, new energy, high end equipment, and the two potential industries of aerospace and new materials, are carried out to undertake the implementation of the "Shandong industrial collection development plan (2016-2020)" proposed by the provincial Commission for development and build hundreds of billions of grade production. Industry cluster.

Taking big, high and extra projects as breakthrough points, we should vigorously cultivate new industries and leading enterprises as well as upstream and downstream industrial chains.


Jinan High-tech Business Incubator 

Jinan High-tech Business Incubator  (hereinafter referred to as "Innovation Center") was established in October 1992. It is the first batch of national science and technology business incubator and the first batch of national students' Pioneer Park. Creative clothing center is located in the core area of Jinan East New Town. It is one of the ten industrial zones of Jinan High-tech Zone, covering an area of 13.2 square kilometers. In order to cultivate the entrepreneurial economy and build new kinetic energy, the "four main two new" industrial system should be built, and the introduction and cultivation of bio medicine, energy environmental protection, e-commerce logistics, four leading industries of new materials, and two new emerging industries, such as cloud manufacturing and emerging finance, are mainly introduced and cultivated.

Seeking German related enterprises and institutions to jointly build German technology business incubator. German technology business incubator mainly provides comprehensive service support for Chinese and German enterprises, and provides a platform for Jinan enterprises to carry out international scientific and technological cooperation in Germany. The German technological business incubator is responsible for attracting high level German talents and research and development teams to come to Jinan for innovation and entrepreneurship, helping Jinan enterprises to attract high-tech projects from Germany to Jinan, promoting the implementation of international cooperation strategy for small and medium-sized enterprises in China, as well as enterprises facing Germany for scientific and technological innovation, investment and open cooperation.

It is intended to seek professional institutions in Germany to attract intelligence and technology transfer, and to jointly establish a German overseas Chinese business alliance. The alliance shall be responsible for attraction of foreign investment, a platform for talent attraction, settle down of Germany companies, and the introduction of German enterprises, new technologies and high-level Chinese talents.


Bodor Laser

The company is located in the high-end market of laser industry, and is currently the largest supplier of laser processing equipment in the north of China.

The overall laser processing equipment market has begun to enter the stage of highly competitive and accelerated integration. The development speed of the dominant enterprises is far beyond the industry development speed, and the disadvantaged enterprises are gradually shrinking and eliminating. We will further increase the strength of overseas markets.


Jinan G-Weike

The total investment is about 200 million yuan, founded in July 2004, is a research and development, production and sales of high-end intelligent equipment of high-tech enterprises. Headquartered in Jinan high tech Zone Yinhe building, the main research and development laser engraving machine.

1. technical requirements: laser cutting technology, laser welding technology. 

2, talent demand: technical talents.


Laser Industry park

We plan to build factory buildings in line with the characteristics of the laser industry. We should focus on the expansion of the laser industry in the industrial chain of the bond laser and the Kanghong electronics, and plan to start construction in the first half of 2018.

The Smart Equipment City will build up a laser industrial park and will lokk for German, European and USA companies. It will be a first-class laser industrial cluster, and gradually created a hundred billion level laser industrial clusters in the high and new zones to boost the conversion of old growth drivers to new in Jinan.


Shandong Micro-Sensor Photonics Limited

The company, jointly funded by the British ISS company and the Shandong Academy of Sciences, is a Sino foreign joint venture high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development and production of a variety of new industrial optical fiber sensors, intelligent instruments and comprehensive monitoring systems. Relying on the Shandong Academy of Sciences and the laser Research Institute of the Shandong Academy of Sciences, the company has gathered a group of senior experts and senior engineers who have worked for many years in the western countries' optical fiber sensors, optical fiber devices, optical fiber communications, intelligent structures and other professional high-tech companies. The knowledge structure of the technical team is reasonable and the R&D strength is strong. The company was recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Shandong Province in 2009 and is in the leading position in the same industry in China. 

To introduce the new type of laser methane sensor and module product design technology for the company to guide the company, combine the product safety design requirements of the coal industry, research and plan the new generation of laser methane sensor product function, style design, solve the problem of the traditional mining products' extensive design, improve the reliability and reduce the product. Low product cost, batch production, easy installation and maintenance, uniform style, suitable for the coal mine industry to promote product design.
The cooperation project applies the technical achievements to the product and engineering application, and applies it to the upgrading of the mine safety intelligent equipment technology, solves the problem of the poor reliability of the current mining sensors, lays a technical foundation for the development of the Internet of things industry, and has a very big market prospect in the fields of coal mine, non coal mine, petrifaction, electric power and material network. The product has hundreds of millions of yuan in the market scale, and can promote tens of billions of Internet of things industry.
Focus on ultra low power laser methane sensing technology and miniaturized laser / optical fiber gas sensor function module / component, laser loss and temperature self compensation technology to eliminate the impact of gas detection on dust and temperature, optical fiber sensor fault self diagnosis technology, laser methane detection module.



The company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in integrated circuit system package testing and MEMS sensor packaging. The company's core businesses include IC chip packaging and testing, MEMS sensor packaging, engineering sample rapid encapsulation and customized packaging services.   

Technology import.



The company is mainly engaged in the development, production and sale of crystal film materials. It has successfully broken through the key technology of ion implantation and wafer bonding, and developed a 3 inch nanoscale Lithium Niobate Thin film with diameter, filling the gap in the industry and becoming the only industrial unit in the world. At present, the products have entered more than 200 high-tech enterprises and research institutes all over the world, including Harvard and Yale, for the development and production of downstream optoelectronic devices.

Seeking opportunities for cooperation with technology companies, universities and research institutes in the following areas:
1. photoelectric aspects: optical waveguides, electro-optic modulators, optical switches, resonators and other research and production units.
2. piezoelectric: filter production unit.
3. pyroelectric aspects: pyroelectric sensors, infrared detectors, research and production units.


Shandong Yuxi Smart Technology

The main business of the company is the application of artificial intelligence technology, the application of Internet of things technology, and the solution for the construction of industrial 4. Intelligent handheld devices developed by the company have been popularized in the field of automobile manufacturing and equipment operation and maintenance. With the upgrading of manufacturing industry, the application of intelligent technology is facing an opportunity.

Hoping to cooperate with companies in the field of smart technology solutions, to develop together ne smart technology equipment.


Shandong Tongya Plastic and Mould Technology Industry Co., Ltd

The main business is to provide supporting plastic parts for large and medium-sized automobile factories at home and abroad, especially automobile auxiliary tanks.

Technical requirements: Automobile injection molding process.
Talent demand: technical professionals.
Market demand: Germany, expected market size and strategic cooperation.
Service demand: technology and funds.