Jinan has its own international airport. Around the airport there is a free trade zone, a logistics park and a Sino-European manufacturing park. The region has profound industrial base, and has developed industrial cluster including automobile making, aerospace, precision machinery, etc. Especially the automobile making industry, which is led by Sinotruk, and gathers an industrial cluster of a series of European car companies including Man Truck & Bus, Bosch, VOSS, Continental Automotive, etc. has formed a positive interactive development. The high-tech area gathers more than 30 automobile industry companies, including the whole-vehicle manufacturing project of Sinotruk, Geely, Baoya, Youngman Automobile, covering the manufacture of whole-vehicle and steering system, transmission system, bearing, automotive electronics and other components, as well as intelligent production, detection line, mold making and other sectors, which is perfect. 

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Which other industry is strong in Jinan? 

  • Logistics
  • Airplane maintenance
  • Manufacturing