Below you find business- and career opportunities in Jinan in the Life Science & Health sector. When you want to know more about the company, which is looking for cooperation or talent, contact us and we will come back to you soon. 



The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of BIOBASE, mainly engaged in R&D of laboratory equipment, in vitro diagnostic equipment and reagent production and management. The main product market share is about 20%, more than 130 existing product registration certificates and 107 biochemical reagents. The total assets of Boko group in 2015 reached 400 million yuan, with sales revenue of about 450 million yuan, and tax revenue of about 16 million yuan.

The demand for foreign cooperation is mainly in the field of chemiluminescence and molecular diagnosis in in vitro diagnosis systems,  R&D of raw materials for diagnosis applications, AI (in the field of automated in vitro testing equipment), telemedicine, medical devices and assistive technologies.


China Pantheon

The company's main technical research direction is tissue multi-functional stem cell isolation and culture, induction of differentiation and regeneration of human skin tissue and the development of corresponding products. At present, we have 6 licensed products and 3 clinical trials. It includes artificial skin, artificial full layer skin, cosmetic test kit, capillary hemangioma ointment, skin sore spray, cell product and so on. At the same time, the skin cell resource library is built.

 Hoping to find a market for this. The company has mastered the extraction and storage of skin cell technology, can be used in the overall skin and organ function and improve functional aging state, supplement and restore the balance of skin cell metabolism, but also for the regeneration and repair of various skin diseases such as burn and scald. Need to find international market.


 KPB Biosciences

Henry is a company dedicated to the development of internationally innovative drugs, all new drugs are declared through the FDA, and the first to carry out clinical trials in the United States. So far, 3 drugs have been approved by FDAIND and entered clinical trials.

Looking for investments and talents!


Shandong Runbo

The company is a high-tech enterprise active in the field of R&D, promotion patent transfer, consultation, technology and testing services of biology and chemistry. It is committed to the innovation and service of the original medicine synthesis and preparation processing technology in the field of plant protection.

High-end technical experts, such as domestic and foreign fine chemical industry, advanced engineering talent; or pharmaceutical intermediates, fine chemical industry, the introduction of advanced technology.


China APTC

Professional in chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates research, technology transfer, new drug declaration, production and marketing of new platform enterprises. The company has applied for 12 Chinese invention patents, and authorized 5 items.

1. Search for qualified docking plants for chemical raw materials in China,

2. Looking for foreign partners to introduce technology,

3. Looking for foreign partners to open up the market. 


Shandong Freda

The company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, development, production and sale of functional skin care products. It is the deputy director general of the daily chemical industry association of Shandong. The company focuses on developing functional skin care products, such as hyaluronic acid, pullulan, lotus extract, polyglutamic acid, and other bioactive substances, such as plant extracts and marine drugs. At present, there are three major brands of "Yi Lian" basic skin care, "good Yan" high-end private customization and "heart to eye love" eye care, the main products include: hyaluronic acid original liquid, muscle initial live series, muscle base repair series, eye care liquid and other more than 100 varieties. The company has 16 effective patents, the research on the preparation technology of the silane hyaluronic acid and the development of the skin care products fill the blank in China, and participate in the compilation of 2 national standards and 1 local standards. In addition, the company also organized the group standard "T/SDAS 14-2017 eye care solution" to fill the gaps in the industry. Is the province's skin care cosmetics industry research strength is the strongest, quality control standards, the largest production scale of enterprises, is the largest skin care products production base in Jiangbei.

1. Seek cooperation research and development of skin care technology and effective raw materials with universities, research institutes and technology enterprises.,

2. High-end private custom and skin health management project investment.,

3. cosmetic technology output


Qilu Cell Therapy Technology Co.,Ltd

The company is a bio technology enterprise integrating cell storage, cell preparation, cell inspection and cell technology application. It is an important part of the bioengineering plate in the four core plates of Yinfeng group and the largest cell treatment laboratory in the country.

To seek for business and high-level talents in the fields of stem cell and immune cell technology research, development, storage and Application.


Shandong ACV Biotech Co., Ltd

The company is mainly committed to clinical biomedicine, molecular diagnosis and gene testing technology products and high-throughput testing platform development, industrialization and technical services. In 2016, the company established the Ji'nan AIKE medical laboratory, which is mainly devoted to the field of accurate medical application and research, such as early detection of cancer, research of human body microorganism and health management.

Based on the company's overseas research and development institutes at the University of California, Merced, the hope is to be able to carry out overseas projects in the field of biomedicine docking and cooperation.



The company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, production and sales of in vitro diagnostic reagents, which is listed on the new board on May 30, 2014 (code: 830774). At present, it has 34 independent intellectual property rights, including 2 invention patents, which undertake a number of provincial and municipal science and technology innovation projects. The products mainly involve microorganism / reagent, medical equipment / machine, biochemical diagnostic reagent.

1. and the establishment of university research and research cooperation with colleges and universities;

2. technology development ccoperation,

3. cooperation with enterprises to establish strategic alliances


 Shandong Medical College

In order to realize the independent innovation of drug research, the Institute of pharmacology is the main starting point. On the basis of optimizing the integration of existing technology, the research and development platform of innovative drugs with the main characteristics of biodrugs, chemical drugs, sugar drugs, marine drugs and natural drugs is constructed. In recent years, 5 national platform construction work has been undertaken, 9 provincial key laboratories and engineering technology research centers have been built, and 43 national level projects have been undertaken, and 235 items of new medicine certificates, medical instruments and health food registration certificates have been obtained, 94 items of science and technology awards at the provincial and ministerial level have been obtained, 147 items of invention patents are authorized, international issuance is issued. Ming patent 6, comprehensive strength ranks among the forefront of new provincial drug research and research institutes. It has established a good cooperative relationship with more than 300 pharmaceutical enterprises at home and abroad, and has established long-term strategic cooperation relations with Shanghai Fuxing Pharmaceutical Group, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Beijing Yue Kang Pharmaceutical Group, Yangzi River Pharmaceutical Group, Qilu pharmaceutical, Lunan pharmaceutical, Da Yin pharmacy and so on. The conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements has reached more than 95%.

1. using computer aided design of innovative drugs such as protein and polypeptide, high throughput screening platform and efficient expression platform are established, key technologies for screening and efficient preparation of carbohydrates are established, and a series of innovative drugs are developed.

2. to develop a new structure of small molecular compound design, chemical synthesis, drug target structure-activity relationship research, the use of extraction, separation and other technical methods to screen compounds with pharmacological activity, or the structure of natural drugs, modification, modification, preparation of new compounds with pharmacological activity.

3. Develop new drug preparation technology, and use it to develop new drug preparation or drug delivery system, and develop new improved drugs with obvious clinical advantages.

4. research and development of innovative biological materials and innovative medical devices.

5. integration of dominant resources, in the fields of biological medicine, small molecular chemical drugs, biomedical materials and medical instruments, drug safety evaluation and other fields to carry out scientific and technological platform cooperation.

6. Actively introduce foreign outstanding professionals; jointly train biomedical talents; conduct in-depth scientific and technological cooperation, joint research and academic exchanges.


Yinsheng Biology

The company is committed to the application of molecular diagnostic techniques in the field of human genetic genes and national eugenics, including maternal and infant health, neonatal genetic diseases, metabolic diseases, birth defects related and other human genetic genes. The product line includes a series of independent and innovative deafness gene detection kits, 45 neonatal screening agents for genetic metabolic diseases and 14 vitamin items. Determination reagent, HLA-B27 detection kit, automatic intelligent processing platform of mass spectrometry, ultra-high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry detection system, etc.

Advanced technologies, products and equipment in the fields of precision medical care, clinical diagnostic reagents and clinical diagnostic applications are cooperated and the achievements are transformed.


Life Science City

The life science city is a high-tech industrial development park which is built by the Ji'nan high tech Zone Management Committee. It is an important part of the "two valley of one area and two cities" in Ji'nan Hi-tech Zone, with a total planning area of 53.8 square kilometers. Focusing on the four industrial fields of "biomedicine, medical equipment, anti-aging medical beauty, healthy health keeping", relying on the orientation of "new medicine and great health", the scientific planning and development are carried out.

Life science projects, products, technology, and high-end talents to enter the Chinese market.


Lan Mei Er Hospital

The company is a scientific research, medical, doctor group, biological information, health information dissemination and charity as one of the comprehensive medical company.

1. Talent demand: Introduce hospital management experts for hospital management and development exchanges; Introduce medical experts for academic exchanges, remote surgery.

2. Other needs: hosting the Forum on hospital management and development.


Zhongyao Yinpian

The company is a new type of traditional Chinese medicine enterprise, which concentrates on the cultivation and processing of medicinal materials, the production, research and sale of Chinese herbal medicine and food homologous food. It has been awarded the demonstration base of the traditional Chinese medicine processing technology and the pilot unit of the trace-ability system construction of the circulation of Chinese medicinal materials in Shandong province.

1. technical requirements: Granulation Technology of compound decoration (requiring single machine operation, especially in Japan, Korea, Germany and other countries and Taiwan),

2. investment and financing demand: we hope to introduce foreign investment into China's innovative manufacturing,

3.Market Demand: Purchasing or establishing supply bases in countries with Chinese medicinal materials resources, and selling to countries with potential market demand. 


 Jinan Zeji Biology Ltd

At present, the company mainly focuses on the new functions of X protein originally discovered.
Two projects, one is the development of X protein as a new broad spectrum tumor marker, the company has the independent intellectual property of the logo, the project research and development stage has been completed, will enter the actual production stage, the two is to use the protein as a new target for anti-tumor drugs research and development, the project is in the research and development stage.

1. Technical requirements: diagnostic kit for broad spectrum tumor markers,

2. Demand: Korean university professors coming to the company.


 Jinshan Shengwu

Shandong key heart Hall Chinese herbal medicine beverage Co., Ltd. and Shandong Jinshan Biological Products Co., Ltd. will jointly establish the Shandong Jinshan Pharmaceutical Group, which is to invest 1 billion 200 million yuan and plan the land 200 mu, to build the only traditional Chinese medicine drink and the biological research and development base of the fruit and vegetable fermented beverage in Ji'nan.

Technlogy Requirements: Technology for Ferment/Enzyme processing.


Shandong Shicheng Medicine Ltd

Company is specialised on new, special medicine, and marketing promotion on basic medicine.

Technical requirements: rapid diagnostic kit, smart wearable device for human body signs monitoring.


Shandong Association for Health care Prodcuts

The association is organized by enterprises, institutions, and local social organizations in the field of health care products in Shandong Province, which are engaged in production, management, research, testing and industry media, electronic commerce, exhibition exhibition, market agency, technical training and other business enterprises, institutions and local social organizations. Group legal person qualification.

1. technical requirements: animal tissue extraction technology, health food processing technology;

2. Raw material requirements: raw materials such as deer, cattle, sheep, fish and other livestock and poultry organs and tissues.



The group industry covers four major fields: microbiology, nutrition, Chinese medicine and cell biology. It specializes in the development and production of probiotics, enzyme preparation, medical nutrition food, sports nutrition food, nutritional supplement, probiotic fermented plant drink, plant stem cells, animal stem cells and derivatives, and can be customized according to customer needs.

Technology Requirements: Technology for Microbial fermentation.


Lanfu Group 

The main business involves the industrial development and manufacturing of the electronic accelerator, the construction and operation of the electron accelerator radiation processing industry group, and the development and promotion of the irradiation application industry of the electronic accelerator, as well as the three fields. At present, the company has a national scale * large electron linear accelerator irradiation processing demonstration base and electronic linear accelerator research and development and industrialization base.

Technology requirement: Particle Beam equipment.


Shandong Huabo Machines

The company is a high-tech enterprise  active in R&D,  production, sales and after-sales service engaged in the medical device industry.

Technology Requirement: Seeking German and Israeli high deuterium scalpel equipment.


Shandong Yilian Wanjia Health

The company mainly engaged in health medical diagnosis, medical grade wearable monitoring products, health services, elderly family intelligence management, providing medical online service, medical large data, intelligent city project development. The company is declaring a number of patents, and now it has basically completed the development of products: remote intelligent ambulatory blood pressure analysis system and remote heart real-time dynamic intelligent analysis system.

1. technology demand: the advanced technology in heartbeat and blood pressure detection.
2. talent demand: plan to cooperate with academicians of the US Academy of Sciences.
3. investment and financing demand: planned financing of RMB 50 billion.



The company is an innovative company active in R&D and production of medical devices, self researched and developed products are: medical compression nebulizer, urine chemical analyzer, digital electronic sphygmomanometer, patient monitor, plug-in multi parameter monitor, electronic colposcope, household oxygen machine, medical oxygen machine, medical workstation, medical infrared thermography Instruments, subcutaneous fat measuring instruments, household air purifiers and medical grade air purifiers.

Market demand, Avionics China and Korea's well-known oxygen machine company technical cooperation to develop new oxygen machine, now urgent need to open the domestic and Korean Market.