Sino-German/European SME Cooperation Conference 2019

  • When: Monday 11 - Wednesday 13 November 2019

  • Where: Jinan, Shandong (in a five star conference hotel)


The main objective of the conference is to stimulate cooperation between innovative European SME companies and local Chinese companies. Focus is on smart manufacturing, life science and information technology, the key industry sectors of Jinan. This conference is already organised for the 5th year. The whole program offers an efficient way for European companies to get an introduction to the Chinese market for innovation, in one of the most innovative and fast growing cities in China. Around the conference program there are also opportunities to organise company visits in Jinan. Also there are thematic workshops planned around different industry sectors.

Conference program 11-13 November 2019

program picture.jpg

Reimbursement of cost

For companies in the above mentioned key industry sectors, Jinan government can provide the international flight to Beijing, the hotel stay and local transport. To find out if your company fulfils the requirements for reimbursement, we invite you to register your company by filling in the form beneath and email it to: