Below you find business- and career opportunities in Jinan in the electronic information sector. When you want to know more about the company, which is looking for cooperation or talent, contact us and we will come back to you soon. 


The company mainly manages the R&D, production and sales of intelligent equipment and CNC mechanical equipment, hydraulic pneumatic components, research and development of computer software, technical consulting of industrial automation control system, sales of electronic components and so on.

MW system and microwave removal of Vocs, the system uses zeolite molecular sieve as an adsorption material, using microwave to remove the concentration of Vocs up to 40 times, the cost of operating cost is more than 30% of the zeolite wheel, it is the latest generation of Vocs processing system, the removal rate can reach more than 97%, the operation cost is low and the cost of investment is small.


Shandong Xiaoya Retail Equipment Co. Ltc

The company is one of the largest manufacturers of refrigerated refrigerated display cabinet in China at present. It has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental system certification and EU CE certification. At present, the duckling display cabinet has become a supplier of WAL-MART, Huarun Wanjia and Hong Kong parkas, and has successfully entered its store. The company's products have been sold to Britain, the United States, Australia, France, Russia, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions at the same time.

Technical exchange and cooperation development with German refrigerated display cabinet manufacturers and major refrigerated display cabinet accessories manufacturers.
The manufacturers of refrigerated display cabinets and accessories are mainly Liebherr, PAN-DUR group and REMIS company.



Focus on scientific instruments, create high quality instruments, and interpret perfect services. He has devoted himself to the research of food and drug safety, nutrition, scientific analysis instruments and analytical methods, providing scientific and technological workers with comprehensive instruments and solutions. Over the years, through the efforts of nearly a hundred scientific and technical workers, there have been nearly 100 products such as elemental analysis, microwave digestion, physical optics, solid phase extraction, liquid chromatography, electrochemistry, near infrared spectroscopy, GC-IMS and so on.


Shandong Fuchi Precision Machine Science & Technology LTD

The company specializes in R&D, production and related application equipment development of series ceramic precision driving products. In the next 5 years, the company will complete the R & D and production of 4 series of ceramic precision drive products. Mainly include: disc type rotating series, disc type hollow rotary series, column type rotation series, linear motion series and other precision driving products, gradually form the product chain covering all application industries. On the basis of precision ceramic driven products, the company will gradually develop industrial cooperative robots and applications of intelligent control, intelligent instrument, intelligent manufacturing and other intelligent control fields.

1, flexible production line planning, design (automatic assembly, automatic testing, etc.).
2. Introducing the "nano-etching" bonding technology from Kiel University of Germany to improve the bonding quality of metal and non-metal materials and meet the application in automatic assembly line.
3, high performance special ceramic material preparation or product supply.
4. Preparation technology of super wear-resistant material (temperature resistance 150-300 C, curing hardness, thermal conductivity, friction coefficient can be adjusted; bond fastness with metal materials, etc.).



The Limited by Share Ltd (stock code 300479) is a provider and service provider for identification solutions, specializing in the R & D, production, sales and service of intelligent identity authentication terminals and industry applications, and is gradually upgraded to provide an industry solution with the features of artificial intelligence in the identification related fields. The one-stop international service provider for the decision is IBM's first partner in China's electronic equipment and software industry, and the first ESA partner of IBM Watson Explorer.

Technical import. 


Unimation Tech

The company mainly takes the intelligent robot technology and numerical control technology as the core to carry out a new generation of industrial robot control system, open robot research and development and training platform, intelligent agile automatic storage system, special robot, service robot, and automatic welding CNC equipment of intersection curve and so on. At the same time, technical training, personnel training and technical advisory services will be carried out in the fields of mechatronics, robotics, intelligent manufacturing and automation.

Demand one: joint research and industrialization of key technologies of robotics and intelligent manufacturing.
Demand two: product marketing in robotics and intelligent manufacturing.



Jinan Zhongwei Century Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000. It is committed to the research and promotion of intelligent security services. It is the key high-tech enterprise of the national Torch Program through the research and development of software and hardware products, and the global market of system solutions. Product line covers smart city professional platform and equipment, commercial video surveillance software and hardware products, smart home electronics products, system solutions, etc.

1. audio processing technology, image processing technology, video compression algorithm, intelligent video analysis technology, video communication technology based on cloud computing and other related talents introduction;
2. intelligent manufacturing technology and the introduction of related talents.



The company specializes in producing all kinds of high quality manual, automatic MIG/MAG welding guns, TIG welding guns and Plasma cutting guns of Parr brand. XP8 series MIG / MAG welding torch and Ergo series TIG welding torch are in the leading position in the world. Most of the products of Jinan Nike Welding Technology Co., Ltd. are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia. 

Market requirement: The companies main business is welding equipment, and intended to look for companies that import welding equipment from Europe, USA or south-east Asia.



Founded in 1993, the company focuses on the R&D, production, sales and service of special power supplies, electronic loads, test instruments and comprehensive testing systems in the field of aviation, aerospace, national defense and industrial field.

Market requirement: The company mainly engaged in electrical safety performance testing equipment, AC DC power supply, etc., intends to look for companies from south east Asia that import these products.


Jinan Jiedi Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd

Founded in 2016, the company is mainly engaged in R&D and manufacturing of large displacement motorcycles and piston aero engines.

Chinese police motorcycles will be averagely change their form according to civilian use. In this project Jiedi and Suter cooperate and develop a 750cc high function special motorcycle for the police as well as design for the engine. The swiss partner develops further design on the basis of the Chinese 650cc engine. The Chinese part is responsible for testing, development and industrial production; the project has a investment amount of 50 Million RMB.

WD 320cc engine function upgrade development cooperation. This project uses Chinese high function 250cc engine as the basis, for improving the engines function, project investment amount is 35 Million RMB. The Chinese party invested 300 Million Yuan according to the standard of "Made in China 2025" to set up a whole new modern factory, development and production whole new cars.


Jinan Kang Hong Electrical Science & Technology Company

The company specializes in providing optical, mechanical, electrical integration of numerical control equipment, is a laser equipment manufacturer, and for a number of domestic and foreign industry agents and factories to provide OEM services. We have independently developed six series of more than fifty industrial laser and mechanical equipment, including high speed laser engraving machine, high speed laser cutting machine, high speed laser carving cutter, laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine, mechanical engraving machine, metal cutting machine, metal marking machine, automatic word machine and so on.

3D printers for metal industry, shall break through the current limits of existing printing material like resins and other non metal materials, realizing the printing of metal materials. At the same time, it shall integrate with the laser technology to highly improve the printing speed and printing accuracy, to serve the industry, health industry and more industries.


Shandong Leishi

The company is committed to the innovation and development of metal building and laser based remanufacturing technology, and provides a software and hardware integrated technical solution to the specific situation of customers. The existing equipment covers the 5 axis high energy cladding system, the laser selective melting system, the carbon fiber composite material increasing system and so on. The formable materials include superalloy, titanium alloy, die steel, stainless steel, high strength steel and carbon fiber composite material.

On Basis of the development of high function laser cladding head, effective improving the current cladding effectiveness and application of laser hologram in cladding, improving the stability of furnance bath during the process of cladding.



The company takes automatic palletizing and winding packaging as the core of the large packaging line product chain and the small packaging line product chain with the core of opening, sealing, packing and heat shrinkable. And according to the customer's differential demand, "fit for service and tailor".

Seeking technical partners for intelligent upgrading and improvement of industrial equipment.The partner company should have winding machines, tieying up machines and conveying equipment as basic products. We are looking for smart upgrading of industrial machines and technology improvement. 



The total investment is RMB 200 million yuan, mainly for assembly workshop and production plant. After the completion of the project, it can be realized: large-scale production of optical passive devices; research and development, production and research transformation of new generation optical communication, sensing equipment, optical fiber laser, etc.

Based on Micro Optical Fiber lens technology, Micro MEMS (Micro Electric-Mechanical-System) functional apparatus parts technology, technology of special kind optical fiber detector manufacturing and processing, special glass welding handling technology and micro multi functional special kind optical fiber function apparatus parts for high precision optical coupling encapsulating technology.


Lingong Group

The total investment is 1 billion yuan. After the completion of the project, the annual production capacity of 30000 high-altitude operation platforms will be increased. The sales revenue is expected to be 5 billion in the three years and 1 billion yuan in profits and taxes.

1. technical requirements: high altitude mechanical curved arm car, high altitude machinery straight arm, vehicle mounted arm car, spider car, fork mounted machine and other high-altitude operating machinery and its extension products with high-end technology research institutions, design companies or integrated production and design companies;
2. talent demand: familiar with high altitude operating machinery, high altitude machinery straight arm, vehicle mounted arm car, spider car, fork mounted machine and other high-altitude operating machinery and its extended products with high-end technology personnel and leaders, it is best to have 10~15 years of work experience with a team or more than 5 years of design and development experience of technical engineers.



The company is a high-tech enterprise listet on stock exchange, specialized in R&D and production of new energy electric vehicles.

Technology cooperation: We intend to launch cooperation with foreign automotive design companies on the design and development of new energy vehicles. 


Qilu Taishan Electronic Station

Cold workshops, comprehensive processing plants, coils factory buildings, steam turbine powerhouses, motor buildings, speeding rooms, spare parts storehouses, etc.

Technology demand: we are going to launch advanced technology cooperation with foreign advanced power generating and motor enterprises.


Jinan Yiheng

The company's business scope includes instrumentation (non metric standard), industrial control automation equipment development and so on.

Cooperation regarding R&D of key technology equipment for production of spare parts for automotive.


Shandong Electric Industry Electric Gas

The Sino-Japanese joint venture, which is jointly funded by Shandong Electrical and Electrical Group Co., Ltd., Hitachi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Fuji Motor Co., Ltd. The total amount of investment is 10 billion 800 million yen. It specializes in the design, development, manufacture and sale of power transmission and transformation equipment 126kV, 252kV, 550kV and 1100kV insulated metal closed switches and ultra-high pressure gas insulated metal closed transmission lines.

Looking for related technology cooperation, the plan is to expand on the overseas market.