Below you find business- and career opportunities in Jinan in the Life Science & Health sector. When you want to know more about the company, which is looking for cooperation or talent, contact us and we will come back to you soon. 

Shandong Xike Information

The company is providing system integration for overall information solutions for smart chemical park, special provider for overall solutions for special chemical parcs in China, for high effective management solutions regarding security, greening, etc. 

Hoping to cooperate with foreign chemical industry park and establish a cooperation, to integrate a better management system.


Jinan Fa En De

The company focuses on the application technology of the Internet of things. It applies GPS and BeiDou Navigation Satellite System,BDS Positioning Technology to the safety management and control of special devices. It has complete independent intellectual property rights. It has obtained related technology patents and software copyrights. It is a double soft certification enterprise. Researched and developed products have obtained safety certifications for military technology and usage, prevention products and for the police and the Ministry of public security. Related products play a positive role in the safety precaution of special devices.

Hoping to cooperate with overseas related enterprises to develop overseas markets.


Jinan Zouzou Qiaoqiao Electronic Business Ltd

The company was founded in 2015, main business are smart medical machines, smart medical surgery machines, Medicine in B2B2B, B2B2C E-Commerce, Investments in medical treatment plates projects

1. Technology Requirement: Technology for the core architecture, production and assembly of intelligent medical surgical robot and auxiliary medical robot system.

2.Investment and financing needs: major investment in China to transform R&D and production technology and expand Chinese market enterprises. Mainly health industry.

3.Talent demand: proficient in domestic and foreign advanced industrial manufacturing, mechanical energy conversion, electronic chip development and medical robot development and other talents.


Jinan Aoda Software

Jinan AODA Software Co., Ltd. is a professional Saas service provider. Main products: Doing websites for companies for sales, shopping malls, WeChat public platform construction, enterprise small program construction, network marketing enterprise. 400 hotline, industrial and commercial registration and tax integration services. Really let the enterprise realize to understand the Internet, master the Internet, choose the Internet, operate the Internet, create their own Internet marketing model.

Talent requirements: Technical talents should be familiar with the underlying principles of the three major frameworks of software development (Struts\Hibernate\Spring) and are skilled in three major frameworks. Staff for market expansion, understands the official website and WeChat small program, has keen market insight, has strong dedication, sense of responsibility and positive working attitude.


Shandong Xun Ming IoT Ltd

The main business of the company is the design, development, project implementation and product sales of the Internet of things. Later, it focuses on the development of smart home and plant intelligent products, such as temperature and humidity air monitoring and control, doors, lights, curtains, water and electricity and so on to create a more livable environment.

1,Technical requirements: 3D printing core technology and material technology. 2,Investment and Finance Requirements: Mainly in China to transform R&D and production technology and expand Chinese market enterprises. Based on 3D printing of Internet of things industry. 


Hiwentech Ltd

The company's services include software customization, software outsourcing, independent testing, product maintenance, re design and so on. It is good at developing and maintaining software products, and is good at dealing with big data such as business intelligence / data transformation analysis and so on. It has accumulated rich industry in the fields of meter, medical, hotel, real estate, stone and electricity experience.

Based on the company's rich experience in software product development and software services in the United States, we are eager to open up the European market. We can provide various forms of cooperation such as software human resource outsourcing, software customization development and software service outsourcing.


Hoteam Software

Hoteam Software is a typical representative of domestic industrial software with 3D software as the core. Service fields involve CAD, CAM, CAPP, PDM, PLM, MES, WMS, SRM, and digital chemical plant. Hoteam Software has mastered the core 3D technology, and has formed a highly competitive industry solution such as space, railway, petrochemical, automobile, industrial robot, 3D printing, digital medical treatment, mould and so on.

Market demand: the target European area, because of the high level of the European market, the 4 wave of industry continues to deepen, and other related software of foreign industry has a thousand billion market scale. Hoteam Software hopes to use government channels and power to actively explore the European market, to connect European related software companies (with sales capacity and channels) and to bring the software of Jinan to Europe.



The company is located in the development and industrialization of the basic platform and products, such as big data, cloud computing, hyper fusion, and so on. It provides a more open cloud operating system platform which integrates operation, development, management and service. It provides integrated computing virtualization, storage virtualization and network virtualization. More standardized and commercialized hyper-convergence products to help industries, businesses and Internet users build cloud computing service platforms and cloud computing ecosystems.

Industrial design cloud master plan, that is, the combination of industrial design software and cloud computing, big data design.


Shandong Oubite Big Data Industry Ltd

The company is a micro-nano satellite provider and satellite remote sensing large data service provider, controlled by Zhuhai Obit Control Engineering Co., Ltd. The company is committed to the research of micro nano satellite application technology, becoming a leading provider of microsatellite and satellite remote sensing data service platform, and promoting large data industrialization with satellite remote sensing data as the main data resource.

Shandong European bit hopes to establish an exchange and cooperation mechanism with companies such as Astrium carrying Rocket Systems Corp ((, OHB satellite group ( and RapidEye AG earth remote sensing system company, to learn advanced models and to dig into the application of private enterprises in aerospace and satellite remote sensing, and strengthen Sino German cooperation.


Jinan Gelubo Software Ltd

The company specializes in R&D, maintenance, system integration and overall solution design of software products.
The company began to enter the field of big data in 2016, mainly to collect, collate, analyze, excavate, and statistics large data.
The company mainly provides the overall solution for big data technology and application. Successful case 1 Chinese medicine big data research and analysis (Chinese medicine auxiliary diagnosis and treatment); 2 Public Security big data.

1. Germany's industry is the 4 world leader. Want to find the combination point and cooperation point of big data and industry 4.
2. is it possible to cooperate with big data enterprises or software companies in Germany?
Cooperation mode, such as software development outsourcing, German software product domestic customization research and development, product sales, etc.


Shandong Ding Ji Big Data Company

The company focuses on the research and development of cloud computing and large data related products, and provides a full set of solutions for enterprises and individuals from data cleaning, data warehouse, data analysis mining to data visualization to help users build core competitiveness.
The main products include large data mirrors, large data visualization, data analysis, large screen visualization, mobile terminal visualization analysis. In view of the specific needs of the enterprise and the government, it also provides customized large data services to help users realize data intelligent management.

1. experts. Contact with experts from scientific research institutions. Exchange, cooperation and transformation of scientific research results
2. business. Upstream and downstream business chain cooperation opportunities, hope that there are more business visits, industry forums and other face-to-face exchanges and cooperation opportunities.
3. technology. Technical difficulties, cooperation and related technical exchange meetings.
4. policy. There are many financial lean-ways and support to make good use of cooperation with German enterprises and scientific research institutions.


Jinan Yun Xiu Information Science & Technology

The company is active in the field of R&D computer software and hardware , system integration and information services for hi-tech enterprises. It covers three major directions in technical consulting, solutions and technical services. It is based in Jinan and has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and other places.

Hoping to establish cooperation with foreign companies in the same field, regarding talents/staff members, technology and other fields, to go on foreign markets.



The main business of the company covers smart grid, smart gas, smart water, intelligent energy, intelligent charging of electric vehicles, information security, and actively promotes the application of information in the fields of Intelligent City, rail transportation, water conservancy information and so on. It is the leading supplier of industry automation and information technology in China.

It is proposed to cooperate with Canada for electromagnetic transient simulation technology of large-scale AC and DC power grid. This project is based on the theory of electromagnetic transient calculation of power system, and explores the theory and method of conversion of electrical frequency fast change signal to slow change signal in AC system. At the same time, based on the object-oriented programming technology to design efficiency priority program architecture, combined with modern computer and numerical computation related theories and techniques, the Optimized Modeling and calculation method of electromagnetic transient large step length is developed.



The company is one of the most outstanding large-scale enterprise management information service providers in China. It is one of the most brand influential enterprises in the field of management software development and service in petroleum and petrochemical industry. It provides integrated and expanded development with high-end software at home and abroad, and provides customized development, technical training and Implementation of various kinds of management software. Service; provide application services based on cloud computing, big data, Internet of things and mobile Internet technology.

We need to introduce European and American talent:
1. talents belong to the field of big data, block chain, artificial intelligence and other technical fields.
2. degree: PhD and above.
3. refer to the "national thousand person plan" and "Shandong Taishan industry leading talent" standard.
4. remuneration composition: project expert fee + project promotion.



The company is the key software company in the national planning layout and the key high-tech enterprise of the national torch plan. Mountain long latitude has long been committed to providing an overall information solution for users in the fields of power, social security and system integration. In the power industry, mountain latitude covers many business fields, such as intelligent power use, load control, energy efficiency management and so on. It provides rich software products, such as electric power user information collection system, electrical information collection intelligent operation and maintenance management platform, enterprise energy efficiency management platform and so on.

The current enterprise energy efficiency management platform is not intelligent and fine to the machine control of the enterprise production line. It needs to seek the technical support of the intelligent manufacturing network and large data, realize the timely and accurate collection of the energy efficiency data of the production equipment, form the comprehensive interconnection of the production and operation management system, and provide the full production for the production and operation management system. Cheng's decision service information to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing.